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An educational podcast about diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace.
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Dominique is the host of the Just One Q podcast, a bi-weekly podcast that spotlights DEI practitioners with big ideas for driving cultural and behavioural change.

Conversations explore topics ranging from the historical roots of inequity to present day challenges and the road forward to justice. These conversations help underscore how to deliver diversity, equity & inclusion training that works to drive real cultural and behavioural change.

If you’re ready to learn, “Just One Q” is the educational podcast for you!

Just One Q with Dominique Attrell is a Learning Snippets podcast.


Dominique Attrell host of the Just One Q podcast

Dominique Attrell​

Podcast Host / DEI Advocate​

Dominique is a DEI advocate and training professional with a passion for crafting transformative learning experiences. She designs impactful L&D solutions that help big and small organizations meet DEI goals through policy, practice, and culture. A critical geographer by training, she’s forever curious about the structural causes of workplace inequalities and about evaluating theories of change. Through skillful interviewing, Dominique draws practical solutions from “big picture” discussions, equipping DEI practitioners with valuable insights.


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