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An educational podcast about diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace.

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Each episode, Melissa poses one big question to a special guest about diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Conversations explore topics ranging from the historical roots of inequity to present day challenges and the road forward to justice. These conversations help underscore how to deliver diversity, equity & inclusion training that works to drive real cultural and behavioural change.

If you’re ready to learn, “Just One Q” is the educational podcast for you!

Just One Q with Dr. Melissa Horne is a Learning Snippets podcast.


Dr. Melissa Horne host of the "Just One Q" educational podcast

Melissa Horne, PhD​​

Sales and Marketing Director

Melissa holds a PhD in Black History from Rutgers University. Specializing in the history of social justice movements, Melissa’s research focuses on the historic systems of racism and oppression within historically black universities and colleges and the ways in which students and faculty have organized movements to subvert and challenge these systems.

Melissa parlays her expertise by helping clients develop targeted and strategic social justice education campaigns, influencing the policies that affect people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community.


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