We offer a variety of programs to help develop your team's soft skills in 3 key areas: Leadership, DEI, and Collaboration.
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Programs that equip leaders with relational and emotional skills like empathic listening, trust building, and supporting mental wellness.


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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion​

Designed to give your team a strong DEI foundation. Learn how identity, biases, and polices and practices shape people’s experiences at work.

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Programs that encourage a community mindset and build practical skills for effective teamwork.


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Meet Our Collaborators​

Subject Matter Experts

To ensure our training is effective and comprehensive, we work with a variety of subject matter experts to validate the content. By fusing insights from industry leaders with our scientifically-proven approach to training, we can offer e-learning that drives lasting behaviour change and positive shifts in organizational culture.
Ashland Johnson

Ashland Johnson

Founder, Inclusion Playbook

Ashland Johnson is the founder and president of The Inclusion Playbook, a sports impact consultancy. An attorney, equity and inclusion strategist and former Division I athlete, Ashland has over a decade of civil rights experience working with social justice communities, advising sports leaders and serving in leadership roles in advocacy organizations.

Camille Dundas

Camille Dundas


Camille Dundas is the co-founder of, public speaker and corporate DEI consultant. An intersectionality expert, she puts a specific emphasis on the idea that effective diversity work must go beyond gender. Camille’s approach is heavily rooted in explaining what allyship looks like and giving tangible steps to transforming how teams understand how this plays out in the workplace.

Colleen James

Colleen James​

Principal Consultant, Divonify

With over fifteen years of experience promoting inclusive environments in public, private, education and not for profit sectors, Colleen has been able to blend her passions of education and diversity. As the Principal consultant at Divonify, she provides equity diversity and inclusion (EDI) training to organizations, companies and individuals.

Brian Carwana

Brian Carwana​

Executive Director, Encounter World Religions

Brian has a PhD from the University of Toronto and has spent twenty years at Encounter delivering engaging programming to workplaces, schools, and organizations to increase religious literacy in our communities. An Associate of the Canadian Centre of Diversity and Inclusion, he is honoured to work with leaders and staff in government, health care, police, manufacturing, high-tech, and service sectors.

Adriana Leigh

Adriana Leigh

Founder and Principal Consultant, ALG Consulting

Adriana Leigh (she/her/hers) brings 19+ years of diverse global experience as a workplace human rights lawyer and facilitator in gender equality, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence prevention and diversity and inclusion. Trilingual in English, French and Spanish, Adriana leverages her well-rounded background to support organizations to build harassment-free, inclusive environments and relations through training, policy development, coaching, thought leadership and knowledge building and sharing.


We recognize many organizations are doing great work in the soft skills and DEI space. By collaborating with the following organizations we can increase our impact and create real change.
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