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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The goal when creating a password is to make it as unique as possible by avoiding common patterns outlined below.

Our password strength estimator uses pattern matching to recognize common passwords, names, words, phrases, dates, repeats (zzz), sequences (abc), and keyboard patterns (qwertyuiop).

How to reset your password

If you can’t remember the password for your Learning Snippets account, you can request a password reset email from the sign in page.

  1. Visit or open your mobile app
  2. Click the forgot password link at the bottom of the sign in page
  3. Enter the email address associated with your Learning Snippets account and click email me a recovery link
  4. Check your inbox for the reset password email


Can’t find the reset password email?

If you don’t receive the password reset email within an hour, please check your spam/junk folder. Also please add the email address to your safe sender list.

Visit the I’m having trouble receiving emails from Learning Snippets article for more troubleshooting options.

How to change your password

You can change your password anytime in My Profile.

  1. Visit or open your mobile app
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. Scroll down to Account
  4. Enter your old password
  5. Enter a new password (see the How do I create a strong password?
    topic for tips on creating a strong password)
  6. Press the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to accept your new password

If you can’t remember which email address you used to create your Learning Snippets account, please try the following:

  1. When you signed up to Learning Snippets, a confirmation email was sent to the email address registered to your account. Check your email accounts for messages from Be sure to check your spam/junk folder.
  2. If you find Learning Snippets notifications in one of your email accounts, try using that address to log into your account.

If you can’t find any confirmation emails from Learning Snippets in your email accounts, this could indicate your email address was entered incorrectly when you first signed up. If you believe this may have happened, please contact our Support Team.

You can choose what kind of notifications you would like to receive from Learning Snippets. We recommend that you keep ALL notifications turned on so that you don’t miss out on your latest Snippet.

To change your notification settings:

  • Visit or open your mobile app
  • Go to My Profile
  • Scroll down to Notifications and adjust as desired
  • If you’ve made changes, press the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen

Please use the troubleshooting tips below if you’re not receiving emails from Learning Snippets.

  1. Review your account settings to make sure your email address is correct and notifications are turned on.
    • Visit or open your mobile app
    • Go to My Profile
    • Scroll to Notifications and make sure they are all turned on
    • Scroll to Account and make sure the email address is correct
    • Press the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to keep changes
  2. Confirm with your IT team that emails from aren’t being blocked by company-wide spam filters.
  3. Check your spam/junk folder incase Learning Snippets emails are going there by mistake.

You can always access your Snippets by logging into or on your mobile app. Once logged in you’ll have access to any Snippets available as part of the program(s) you’re enrolled in.

Having trouble logging in? See our other articles for more troubleshooting tips:

  • I don’t remember which email I used to create my account
  • How do I reset or change my password?
  • I’m having trouble receiving emails from Learning Snippets

Language Preference

It is possible for each learner to “toggle” between French and English. You just need to:

  • Sign into your Learning Snippets account
  • At the top right of the page choose which language you want your Learning Snippets experience to be in – you can change this as often as you wish

It is also possible to change the language of the Learning Snippet emails that you receive.

  • Select the settings wheel at the top right of the Learning Snippets page
  • Scroll down to “Notifications” and change “Notification language preference”

This will change the language you receive your email notifications in.

Getting Started – General

If you have signed up for Learning Snippets and you are logged in but can’t find your Snippets, don’t worry. You’ll receive an email with a link to your pre-snippet survey or first Snippet.

Visit the I’m having trouble receiving emails from Learning Snippets article for more help troubleshooting.

On click the gear icon on the top right corner of the header. On the mobile app click the menu button on the bottom right corner of the navigation bar and select my profile. Scroll down to the text adjustment slider and adjust to a comfortable size.

Still need help?

Reach out, we’re happy to help you troubleshoot.

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