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Are you ready for the next step in your DEI Journey?

Build an inclusive workplace culture with Learning Snippets. These microlearning scenarios help you and your teams to develop inclusive habits and address cognitive biases from any device, anywhere.

Top Features

Engaged Team Members

Meet your team where they are with sleek and intuitive training. Equipped with the tools necessary to understand and challenge biases, your organization will adopt a culture of inclusivity through real behavioural change.

Responsive Platform

Your team will thank you for an accessible platform that meets their unique needs. In-office or at home, desktop or mobile, Learning Snippets are easily implemented and simple to use.

Measurable Change

With a DEI diagnostic tool and in-depth reporting, you can meet and exceed organizational benchmarks. Easily monitor team engagement and quantify progress to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to DEI.

Affordable at Scale

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by driving real cultural change using cost-effective tools, increasing your competitive edge in the market.

Equipped for Success

Access DEI experts and resources for support, and feel confident leading the charge on diversity and inclusion.

What Learning Snippets Users Are Saying

0 %
of employees say their knowledge of DEI increased
0 %
are better able to handle DEI situations
0 %
are more willing to take action on a DEI issue
0 %
would recommend Learning Snippets to a colleague or friend
“It demystified the optimal manner of dealing with some uncomfortable situations, and proposed really manageable solutions.”
“It definitely made me think about how an individual can help push a little bit of a shift in diversity and inclusion within my organization.”

“It empowered me.”
“I liked the fact that they were short snippets. I think that’s amazing.”

“That allowed our teams to do it on their phones, because they’re very, very busy”

Data and quotes from users at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) and Gowling WLG, August 2019.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training your team can put into action.

Inclusivity 101

Diversity, equity & inclusion training that relates to day-to-day work experiences for everyone.

Anti-Black Racism

Behaviours, actions and system-level changes that help you and your organization combat Anti-Black Racism.

Inclusive Leadership

Designed for leaders at all levels, this program covers the best practices for developing great teams, managing conflict, and actively promoting equity and inclusion at all levels of your organization.

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