How it Works

Snippets are based on science-backed insights that help move clients from awareness to action.

Scenarios are a powerful tool for changing behaviour because they allow learners to practice the skills they’ll need in the real world. A well-crafted scenario creates a safe and shame-free space for the exploration of social consequences.

Combatting the Forgetting Curve

We know that 60 mins after a training session, participants have already forgotten 60% of the lesson. Content that is broken into smaller chunks and spaced out over time helps learners retain, recall, and apply the skills they learn.

Repetition is key to acquiring new skills. Rather than focusing on creating awareness by teaching concepts alone, repetition and practice gives people the confidence they need to take action.

Anatomy of a Snippet

There are 4 parts to every Snippet. Each part activates a different part of the learner’s brain to help the lessons stick.

Scenario – lifelike details draw learners in
Question – builds patterns of thinking
learners can access again
Here’s Why – the teaching moment
Go Deeper – broadens the application

Key Benefits

Lessons take 2 minutes to complete and can be completed at any time

No installs or special software required – people receive lesson emails and complete lessons online​

Learning can be done on any device, anywhere employees can get online​

Scenario-based lessons require reasoning and critical thinking, not just clicking and guesswork​

Spaced learning inserts pauses between scenarios, preventing people from rushing through the content, and providing time for them to reflect on and apply what they’ve learned​

Behavourial nudges provide quick reminders that can be easily integrated into employees’ work​

Relevant, meaningful reports that help people see their progress, and help administrators identify areas for further improvement​

What’s in a Snippets program?

Our full Snippets Program includes:
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Deploying Your Snippets Program

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This option is great for small organizations looking to level up their training without sinking resources into managing it.


Great for organizations that already host training on their Learning Management System (LMS). Our ready-to-go SCORM/xAPI packages put you in the driver’s seat:


Our scaled pricing structure get's you the best price to suit your needs.


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All seats are sold per user, per program. Volume and non-profit discounts are available.

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