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We solve complex people problems using scientific thinking.

Using a variety of scientific methods, we pinpoint an organization’s complex people problems, including hypothesis testing, literature reviews and quantitative and qualitative analyses.

We then create people-centred solutions by prototyping, testing and refining our interventions with the people for whom the solution is designed.

We do this because HR leaders and business executives need to:
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Think about people problems scientifically​

Focusing on the person and applying scientific thinking (testing hypotheses) is the next step for HR and executive decision-makers looking to make more rigorous and informed decisions.

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Unveil the real truth

Our unique methodology uncovers the hidden causes of systemic people problems and reveals how to fix them.

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Invest in change with confidence

Change is hard. For everyone. Our scientific process provides evidence-based solutions designed to tackle even the hardest transformational projects.

About Our Founder

Dr. Aaron Barth

Most companies get that they need to encourage their employees to adopt new behaviours. Almost none do it right. Dr. Aaron Barth is eager to tell you the mistakes that almost every organization makes, and how you can avoid them on your change journey.

Aaron is an expert on using science to dig below the surface of even the most seemingly innocuous business cultures and reveal the barriers and enablers of healthy and productive work forces.

He is passionate about people – especially when they are given the tools to harness their potential to have a positive impact on organizational culture.

And he wields more than 10 years of experience pinpointing complex people problems and prototyping solutions for corporate and non-profit organizations in a variety of industries.

Aaron earned both his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario.

For over 15 years, Aaron has delivered training on the topics of critical thinking and unconscious bias for clients such as Ontario Power Generation, Osgoode Professional Development, Gowling WLG, and The Co-operators. Dialectic has worked with a range of organizations, including Mazda Canada, Royal Canin, the Human Rights Campaign, CMHA, and others.

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