The Dialectic team outside of the 25 Waterloo Ave building

25 Waterloo Ave: An Innovative Hub Changing the Way We Work

An innovative workspace brings thought leaders together to disrupt and improve the ways in which people work, lead and learn

GUELPH, ON | August 15, 2019 – A historical building in downtown Guelph is home to five companies who are positively changing the way people work. 25 Waterloo Ave., built in 1864 offers a rustic yet innovative office space to its tenants: Juice Inc., Dialectic, Pollinate, Tag Digital Studios and Floworks. These companies all have one thing in common – disrupting the way businesses work, lead and learn.

Who are they?

Juice Inc. is changing the way businesses work employee engagement, resilience, agility, innovation and effective leadership, while Dialectic helps teams and individuals learn and work together effectively using scientific research and person-centred design. Pollinate Networks Inc., an organizational effectiveness platform, and Tag Digital Studios, a web development agency focused on custom digital product development, use digital means to bring positive change to business operations. Floworks designs and delivers experiential simulations and innovation training that bridge the gap between theory and practice – helping your people change the way they work.

The five companies collaborate on projects to bring their clients high quality leadership training, dramatically enhance their workplace culture and implement software that optimizes workflow, so employees can focus on the work that matters.

“Companies having success in the current economy understand both the importance of employee experience to their bottom line, and the need to do things differently to stand out from the crowd. 25 Waterloo is playing a big role in helping some of the most progressive companies in Canada create winning cultures,” says Aaron Barth, Founder and President of Dialectic.

Why change the way people work?

Co-founder of Juice Inc., Brady Wison, says their mission is “to create a world where people have energy leftover at the end of the day for their families and to contribute to their communities.”

Burnout is an ongoing and increasingly problematic epidemic in the workplace. A 2017 Employee Engagement Series noted 32 percent of this burnout is caused by an unreasonable workload and too many overtime hours. The businesses at 25 Waterloo Ave. work with organizations at a local and national level to reduce burnout and make teams more effective.

“Working with people in a collaborative and meaningful way is key to successfully transforming an organization. If you focus entirely on process and ignore the people in the organization, you grind to a halt pretty quickly,” says Christy Pettit, CEO of Pollinate Networks Inc. “We put people and what matters most for them at the centre of all our transformation work – this reduces waste and allows better ways of working to emerge.”

By using a humanistic approach, the individual is ultimately at the centre of everything they do. Creating custom training and software results in company-specific solutions for everyone involved. Ineffective processes that waste time are eliminated, and overtime hours reduced.

25 Waterloo Ave. proves technology does not have to be the enemy. When done right, it can be the driving force of the workplace of tomorrow – getting employees from their desks to their decks, while increasing ROI.



Juice Inc. believes in creating a more “humanized” environment for employees: one that energizes people to be innovative and do their best work.


LinkedIn: Juice Inc

Facebook: @JuiceInc

Twitter: @JuiceInc



Dialectic solves complex people problems using scientific research and person-centred design to produce behaviour change at scale.


LinkedIn: Dialectic


Twitter: @AaronBarthPhD

Instagram: @dialectic_i2e



Pollinate is an all-in-one organizational effectiveness platform for enterprise transformation, connecting the tools, expertise and analytics to make change happen.


LinkedIn: Pollinate Networks Inc.

Facebook: @pollinatenetworks

Twitter: @PollinateNet

Instagram: @pollinatenetworks



Tag Digital Studios is a web development agency focused on custom digital product development without all the stress. Their team delivers right-sized solutions that work.


LinkedIn: Tag Digital Studios Inc.

Facebook: @tagdigitalinc

Instagram: @tagdigitalinc



Floworks designs and delivers learning simulations and training that bridge the gap between theory and practice – changing the way your people work. 

Floworks Website:

Innovation in a Box Website:





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