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TEDxKitchenerED 2020

Why E-learning is Killing Education

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Aaron Barth speaking about Why E-learning is Killing Education at TEDxKitchenerED, February 22, 2020. Webinar

Diversity and Inclusion in the COVID-19 Aftermath

Dialectic founder and president, Aaron Barth, PhD, presents the Diversity and Inclusion E-Learning: Driving Change in the COVID-19 Aftermath webinar available on, June 2020.

Webinar Topics

When (and When Not) to Trust Your Gut: Advanced Decision-Making for Leaders

How to overcome the unconscious biases that prevent clear thinking and gain a deeper understanding of why ‘gut feel’ arises, and when not to trust it.

When leaders make decisions based on ‘gut feel’, they are actually relying on brain processes that lead to unconscious bias. This shortcut leads to seriously flawed decisions of which they are wholly unaware. Dr. Aaron Barth shows how leaders can use their ‘gut feel’ as a reminder to ask short, evidence-based questions to improve their decision-making.

Why E-learning is Killing Education

How to replace quizzing and other types of ‘knowledge checks’ with learning experiences that are based on science and actually work.

Providing education at scale, the main premise of e-learning, doesn’t have to suck. Scientifically-grounded design principles are available to educators to transform their learning experiences, simply by considering the user’s point of view. It’s time to move away from a surface-level and patronizing school-model approach to training, and instead introduce simulations and real-world scenarios that foster deep learning and create measurable success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the COVID-19 Aftermath

How to quickly transition in-person training into effective e-learning that boosts engagement by addressing remote workers’ intrinsic motivation to learn something new.

The rapid shift toward remote work may exacerbate inclusion issues in any organization. Ironically, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) e-learning can help reduce its impact. Dr. Barth reveals the tools and tactics needed to build effective DEI training for remote team members.

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