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Amplify your impact

Offer e-learning to your clients that reinforces your existing content and brings people from awareness to actions that drive real change.

Increase your revenue

Earn up to 25% on every Snippets license sold.

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Offer effective e-learning, today

Bring a proven solution to your clients right now without having to invest time and money into creating it from the ground up.

Create lasting behaviour change for your clients

Snippets is based on proven science, so you can have confidence you will deliver training results for your clients.

We Typically Partner with DEI Practitioners who…

…are DEI Thought Leaders
…have Demonstrated DEI Experience
…want to Grow their Businesses
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What Our Partners are Saying

“We love seeing our clients continue their learning journey by engaging with the Learning Snippets Anti-Black Racism module after our educational presentation is over. Our partnership with Learning Snippets has increased our educational impact and effectiveness.”

Some of Our Partners

We recognize many organizations are doing great work in the diversity, equity and inclusion space. By collaborating with the following organizations we can increase our impact and create real change.

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