Measure Your Impact

Finally know the positive effect you’re having on your employees and culture. On the Learning Snippets App we track metrics in two ways:

During Snippets​

We track engagement and provide real time metrics in the Leader Dashboard.​
Bar graphs measuring how cohort compare to benchmark stats
Table showing user names, email, and measuring what they have completed
Bar graphs measuring Snippet completion
List of go deeper articles and how many clicks each one received

After Snippets​

We assess your teams’ attitudes, motivations and behaviours, and provide a report on the data collected across the entire program, including certificates of completion.​
Snippets made me more likely to take action if I saw a colleague behaving in a biased way.
Learning Snippets increased my confidence when handling D&I situations.
I can use the insights from Learning Snippets during my interactions with my co-workers.
Users went beyond their Snippets to explore additional DEI resources ​
Average number of Snippet options clicked
Learning Snippets Certificate of Completion
Download a sample of our final report to learn more about the insights you'll receive after your program.

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