Gender Identity

Gender Identity is an intermediate-level program co-created with trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people to highlight their experiences of workplace discrimination. It invites learners to go beyond the labels and acronyms and to learn the behaviors, skills, and communication techniques that build an environment in which all staff can feel confident expressing their gender.

LEVEL: Intermediate
Key Concepts
  • Honouring gender identities through pronoun use, inclusive documents, processes, events, and spaces
  • De-gendering workplace roles, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Avoiding “rainbow-washing” through consultation and inclusive ERGs
  • Non-discrimination policies that extend to gender and gender expression
  • Engaging respectfully with trans or gender non-conforming colleagues
Core Skills & Behaviours
  • Recognizing and challenging gender-based bias in oneself
  • Responding to bias or discrimination in the speech and conduct of others
  • Applying the lens of gender identity in workplace decision-making
  • Advocating for change when we see discrimination in policy or practice
  • Centering the needs of others and relating empathetically
Snippet Title Topic Covered


One of the Guys

Introduces the concept of nonbinary gender identities. Shows the importance of “de-gendering” workplace meetings and events instead of requiring conformity to gender stereotypes.


They Look Like a Woman

Shows that gender identity is self-determined and not always tied to outward appearance. Emphasizes the importance of honouring pronouns in the workplace.


Rainbows and Parades

Explores the intersectionality of gender and other marginal identities, showing the need to amplify trans voices in LBGTQ2S+ spaces.


Dress to Impress

Highlights the importance of clothing in gender expression and shows how traditional dress codes can reinforce harmful gender binaries.


Are You M or F?

Highlights the role of forms and other workplace communications in creating a trans-inclusive environment.


Karl's Earrings

Shows how gender-based harassment can gain a foothold in workplaces when we don’t foster inclusion preemptively.


Trans and Traveling

Explores the risks of business travel for LGBTQ2S+ people and suggests mitigation strategies for workplaces.


The Transition

Shows how to appropriately support a colleague who is transitioning at work. Discusses privacy, pronoun use, and emotional support.


The Ladies' Room

Through the issue of gendered bathrooms, explores gender binaries in the work environment. Shows how to respond when we’re unsure about accommodations for LGBTQ2S+ people.


Outed to Clients

Shows how microaggressions like deadnaming and misgendering can be harmful. Repeated instances should be treated seriously.

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