Inclusivity 101

Inclusivity 101 is an introductory-level program based on highly relatable diversity, equity, and inclusion workplace scenarios. This program encourages awareness of unconscious bias and builds the critical thinking and relational skills needed to identify, challenge, and respond to identity-based bias and discrimination in the workplace. This program is a great choice for audiences new to Learning Snippets or to DEI concepts.

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This program contains 1 hour of EDI Professionalism Content.

LEVEL: Introductory
Key Concepts
  • Disability: Interactions and representation
  • Indigenous reconciliation
  • Gender bias and sexism
  • Hiring for “fit” and discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • LGBTQ2S+ identities and inclusive pronouns
  • Chronic illness and accommodation
Core Skills & Behaviours
  • Recognizing and challenging unconscious bias in one’s self
  • Responding to bias or stereotyping in the speech and conduct of others
  • Advocating for change when we see discrimination in policy or practice
  • Centering the needs of others and relating empathetically
  • Moving forward productively after someone is “called out” for their actions
Snippet Title Topic Covered


Good Samaritan's Bad Day

Shows the impact of ableist biases and teaches learners to check their biases when interacting with people living with disabilities.


Land Acknowledgement

Discusses how thoughtful land acknowledgements can be a first step on the path to reconciliation with Indigenous communities. Highlights the dangers of token or symbolic inclusion.


The Domineering Manager

Show how gender biases can lead to sexism in interactions with a client. Encourages the learner to respond when unchecked bias leads to discriminatory conduct, even in the face of a power imbalance.


Revealing Advice

Demonstrates how racial bias is often rooted in our preference for what is familiar. Shows the learner how to identify bias in the ideas and opinions of colleagues during the hiring process.


Not Funny

Explores the subject of religious bias and workplace humour. Shows that impact is more important than intent when it comes to workplace jokes.


The Insensitive Client

Shows how to respond to bias and discrimination toward LGBTQ2S+ people at work and reinforces the importance of respectful pronoun usage.


Uncomfortable Coffee Run

Demonstrates how biases against parents can affect professional advancement. Focuses on using empathy as a way to point out bias in others.


Health Secrets

Demonstrates the impact of unconscious biases toward people who live with a medical condition, and helps the learner understand how accommodations can be an option in the workplace.


Misfired Motivation

Discusses the objectification of people living with a disability. Shows how to support someone who has been “called out” for harmful behaviour without absolving them.


It's About Fit

Illustrates how preoccupations with “workplace fit” can mask bias. Shows that provoking discussions can help us address biases in collaborative workplace environments.

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