Respect in the Workplace

This intermediate-level program is for leaders and colleagues alike and is often used as a complement to mandatory anti-harassment training. Through scenarios featuring women and LGBTQ+ people, this program encourages learners to take action to prevent, recognize, and respond to workplace harassment. It also encourages learners to advocate for policy changes wherever gaps are identified. Equitable workplaces are built on a foundation of respect and anti-harassment. This program was co-created by Adriana Leigh, a workplace human rights lawyer, facilitator in gender equality, and the Principal Consultant of ALG Consulting.

LEVEL: Intermediate
Key Concepts
  • Cyber sexual harassment
  • Imbalanced speaking time in meetings
  • Pregnancy-based discrimination
  • Respectful pronoun usage
  • Intimate partner violence in the workplace
  • Power dynamics in workplace romantic relationships
  • Anti-fat bias and body shaming
  • Workplace safety planning
Core Skills & Behaviours
  • Taking bold and practical steps to disrupt sexist workplace cultures
  • Responding to instances of harassment by using the 5 Ds of bystander intervention
  • Choosing appropriate responses to sexual harassment to protect oneself and others
  • Critical evaluation of policies and practices through an intersectional gender lens
  • Developing clear policies and safety plans for intimate partner violence at work
  • Awareness of how power dynamics impact consent in workplace relationships
Snippet Title Topic Covered


What Did You Wear?

Highlights the importance of responding firmly and promptly to cyber sexual harassment and how “subtle” harassment can escalate.


Hey, Princess

Illustrated appropriate and effective bystander responses to sexual harassment at work. Shows that reporting is an important follow-up step that can prevent future incidents.


Time to Speak

Shows how workplace sexism can manifest as men monopolizing speaking time in meetings or disregarding women’s insights and expertise. Suggests direct and practical advocacy when sexism is evident.


But She’s Pregnant

Explores the topic of pregnancy-based discrimination and its professional impacts. Suggests accommodations and increased autonomy for parents and parents-to-be.


Dani’s Request

Highlights the importance of respectful pronoun use and demonstrates how to respond to the exclusion or misgendering of trans or gender non-conforming colleagues.


Your Boyfriend Called

Frames domestic violence as a workplace issue. Illustrates the importance of safety planning and domestic violence policies in the workplace.


Taking an Interest

Explores how power dynamics affect consent in workplace romantic or sexual relationships. Suggests that conversations about power and consent are more effective than “no dating” policies.


Body Talk

Explores the topic of anti-fat bias and its connection to workplace harassment and discrimination. Suggests calling out and addressing anti-fatness to create safer workplace cultures.


The Dance

Highlights the sexual harassment risks inherent in workplace events and parties. Demonstrates responses to colleagues’ reports of harassment.


A Tough Cookie

Through the lens of customer interaction, explores the importance of considering intersecting identities and risk in workplace safety planning.

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