Just One Q podcast cover with special guest, our NEW host: Dominique Attrell

Introducing a New Host | Dominique Attrell

Where have we come from & what have we learned?

On this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne reflects on what she has learned from years of hosting Just One Q as she passes the baton to a brand new host, Dominique Attrell. Dominique, a DEI advocate and educator, chats about her own journey to DEI work and reflects on how her background in geography and social sciences informs her approach to DEI conversations.


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Dominique Attrell

DEI advocate, training professional, NEW Just One Q Host | Dialectic

Dominique is a DEI advocate and training professional with a passion for crafting transformative learning experiences. She designs impactful L&D solutions that help big and small organizations meet DEI goals through policy, practice, and culture. A critical geographer by training, she’s forever curious about the structural causes of workplace inequalities and about evaluating theories of change. Through skillful interviewing, Dominique draws practical solutions from “big picture” discussions, equipping DEI practitioners with valuable insights.


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