How do you build a business under the context of freedom? | Jeff Melnyk and Laurie Bennett

Can freedom and work truly overlap? Jeff Melnyk and Laurie Bennett say yes!

In this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne sits down with founding partners at Within People, Laurie and Jeff. They discuss the current systems of oppression that exist in many organizations, and the potential of instead, having employees be pulled by freedom rather than pushed by fear.


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Jeff Melnyk and Laurie Bennett

Within People

Jeff: I believe that purpose is the key to growth and leadership in business.My clients are in places all over the world – from Costa Rica to Canada, Hong Kong to San Francisco, the mountains of Australia and the north of South Africa. What I know is that work is changing – to be places where people are valued and able to unleash their creativity. Where we are all free to love who we are and what we do. And I am committed to helping Within People be a model business, driven by our values and principles.
I coach CEOs and founders to achieve their vision of the company they most want to lead, helping them to create a shift in themselves and their culture. I’ve helped start ups launch their big ideas, and corporates find the courage to dream big. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for my contribution in enabling brands to create positive social change.

Laurie: I believe that creativity is freedom.
I’ve worked with people all over the globe who are bravely putting their ideas into the world to change it. I have seen that when people believe they are creators, they feel free, they sense their own value, and they make amazing things together.
I coach founders and leaders to reimagine growth, find purpose, tap into authenticity, and grasp possibility out of challenge. My clients are growing the company they love to work for and are proud to be from. And I’m doing the same. We founded Within under a context of freedom, and creativity is the beating heart of the company I want to grow.

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