Connecting DEI Initiatives to KPIs | Rocki Howard

Why should organizations connect DEI initiatives to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and what would that actually look like?

In this episode, Rocki Howard shares the importance of measuring DEI initiatives in organizations and how this can be done.

While companies are getting more deliberate about prioritizing Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in organizational structures, it is important to actually keep tabs on progress made. Where possible, organizations should set up appropriate criteria for measurement, ensuring they not only talk about DEI, but are actually implementing it in clear and measurable ways. 


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Rocki Howard

Smart Recruiters

Acknowledged as one of the Top 100 Minority Executives two years in a row, Rocki Howard is Chief Diversity Officer for SmartRecruiters. She is the host of the Voices of Diversity and the Grown Woman Life podcasts, creator of the Grown Woman Life Power Players List, and a tenured talent acquisition strategist.

With a background in recruitment/talent acquisition leadership and Lean, Project Management, and HR certifications, her 20+ year career spans over diverse industries including banking, retail, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical, and insurance.
With several obstacles in her way, Rocki climbed her way from entry-level to executive leadership. She is a proud over 40, black, Christian wife and mom who prioritizes being a voice for the underrepresented. She is on a mission to help her customers disrupt the intersection of diversity and recruitment and create systems that lead to simple, substantive, sincere, and sustainable diversity solutions.

She believes “If we change the lives of the underrepresented, we change the world.”

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