Does DEI Belong in HR? | Garima Gupta

As workplaces continue to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion, it’s still unclear who should be leading these efforts. Is DEI a Human Resources function, or should it stand alone?

In this episode of Just One Q, Melissa Horne and Garima Gupta chat about where the responsibility for DEI falls, why diversity officers rarely last if they’re not supported by a team, and how HR leaders can empower inclusion activists on their own teams. 


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Garima Gupta

Senior Director, Global HR Partnerships and Inclusion at Relativity

Garima is an inclusion activist and HR leader. Her great passion is to focus on the work around inclusion, equity, and diversity in the workplace and beyond. She works continuously to reduce bias in processes, policies and workplace practices. She helps organizations that are scaling up to rethink their culture and become more open to other cultures’ additions as they grow in new geographies.

Garima has been working as a Human Resource leader for over 15 years across industries and geographies – including India, China, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the US, the UK, and Central America. Garima speaks at events and conducts workshops on topics of inclusion, equity and diversity. She has a unique perspective drawn from years working with a global workforce and in constantly changing environments. She likes to connect with other people on similar journeys to learn and share experiences and perspectives about a better workplace culture, creating inclusion and belonging and reducing bias and oppression.

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