Just One Q Cover Photo - Episode 23 - How Religious Identities Fit into the Workplace | Dr. Brian Carwana

Replay: How Religious Identities Fit into the Workplace | Dr. Brian Carwana

In this episode, Dr. Brian Carwana talks about how making space for religion can benefit the performance of a company and the employees in it. He also dives into different strategies employers can use to make religious employees feel psychologically safe.

As we enter the holiday season, many of our colleagues are celebrating or observing holy days, festivals and observances. On this replay of Just One Q, Brian Carwana reminds us that focusing on our religious literacy and being intentional about incorporating religious inclusion in DEI efforts is essential to creating a welcoming space where religious and spiritual people can bring their whole selves to work.



Dr. Brian Carwana

Executive Director of Encounter World Religions

Dr. Brian Carwana is the Executive Director of Encounter World Religions. For more than two decades Brian has taught religious literacy programs from a non-sectarian perspective, helping organizations and their staff open the door to meaningful conversations, and build those crucial relationships with authenticity and sensitivity.

Brian has consulted and worked with North American organizations in major sectors including health care, police services, municipal governments, and technology. Under his leadership, Encounter’s programs have reached over 200,000 people and the Centre was recognized as a Gift of Service to the World by the Parliament of World Religions.