How can organizations achieve greater impact and performance by focusing on wellness?

Do personal wellness and organizational wellness overlap? Sarah Hope Marshall says yes!

In this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne sits down with the founder of Profound Hope Industries, Sarah Hope Marshall. They discuss why the idea of wellness needs to be broadened to include a focus on organizational wellness and community wellness in addition to personal wellness initiatives.


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Sarah Hope Marshall

Profound Hope Industries

Sarah is an accomplished speaker and experienced executive. She brings vast diversity and social impact experience, having spent almost two decades in various forms of community development work. Sarah earned her MBA from North Park University in 2010 with a self-designated concentration in community development. Her professional resume includes work in direct service, faith-based organizations, community organizing and social enterprise before becoming involved in economic empowerment work in 2012. She is also currently completing a Masters of Liberal Arts degree at the University of Chicago, serves on the Illinois Comptroller’s BankOn Advisory Committee and continues to consult for financial institutions involved in community development.

Sarah’s perspective as a person living with PKU, a rare and lifelong metabolic disease, informs her presentations on diversity, equity, and inclusion, leadership, and authenticity.

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