Harnessing elasticity to adapt to the demands of DEI work | Dr. Rebecca Sutherns

How can leaders adapt to the demands of DEI work?

DEI leaders often face “DEI fatigue” and burnout as they work with stretched resources, a lack of data, and low buy-in from other leaders. The good news is that it’s possible to adapt and to thrive in spite of these challenges.

On this episode of Just One Q, Dominique chats with guest Dr. Rebecca Sutherns, a strategic analyst, Certified Professional Facilitator, author, and the founder and CEO of Sage Solutions. They discuss practical adaptability strategies to increase our capacity to handle difficult circumstances and new challenges in DEI work.


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Dr. Rebecca Sutherns

Founder and CEO | Sage Solutions

Dr. Rebecca Sutherns is an insightful and high energy collaborative strategist and world class facilitator who has served as a trusted advisor to hundreds of mission-driven organizations, across Canada and internationally. Rebecca brings intellect, enthusiasm and varied experience in strategy development and adaptability when speaking, writing and mentoring. She is a skilled communicator, with a particular gift for helping leaders make wiser decisions faster. Rebecca is a Certified Professional Facilitator, frequent keynote speaker, and author of the books Nimble: Off Script but Still On Track. A coaching guide for responsive facilitation, Sightline: Strategic plans that gather momentum not dust, and ELASTIC: Stretch without snapping or snapping back.


Understanding The AQ Model


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