Why is DEI Key to the Agriculture Sector's Success?

On this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne’s guests, Hannah Konschuh and Erin Gowerluck, hosts of the Diversity Imperative Podcast reveal what Canadian agriculture really looks like. Hannah and Erin dive into how expansive the agriculture industry is, and explain how diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to the sector’s further growth.



Hannah Konschuh and Erin Gowerluck

Hannah Konschuh is a grain farmer, operating Generation Land & Grain Co. Ltd. near Cluny Alberta, growing wheat, canola, barley, and yellow peas. She completed a B.Sc in Agriculture and a M.Sc. in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan, and went on to work in a number of research and policy roles prior to joining her family farm. Erin Gowerluck lives in Ottawa where she holds the position of Executive Director of the Grain Growers of Canada (GGC). Erin is integral to the organization’s operations and policy work, and advocates to the federal government to make decisions that are in the best interest of the more than 65,000 Canadian grain farmers.


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