What’s the key to being an inclusive leader? | Nancy Harris

Is it possible to be a great leader and an inclusive leader at the same time?

Nancy Harris says yes!

On this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne sits down with the founder and CEO of Restart Consulting, Nancy Harris to discuss the self-work necessary for leaders to confidently and competently lead culture change.


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Nancy Harris

Founder & CEO @ Restart Consulting

Nancy Harris is a respected leadership & diversity coach, facilitator, and workplace reinventor. She helps leaders uncover talent opportunities that will deliver long-lasting, impactful business results. She has a wealth of experience in all things people-related and her passion and enthusiasm has led her to work in a wide range of industries and organizations including: BP, Accenture, Hillshire Brands, Pfizer, Motorola and Ford Motor Company. She is the co-founder of DisruptHR Chicago, on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Society for Human Resource Management and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

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