Just One Q podcast cover - EP 52 special guest Victoria Rodgers

How do you interweave IDEA and well-being practices into leadership development? | Victoria Rodgers

Is it possible to interweave IDEA and well-being practices into leadership development and coaching?

Victoria Rodgers says yes!

On this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne chats with guest Victoria Rodgers, an IDEA Strategy Consultant & Facilitator for CenteredSoul Consulting. Their conversation focuses on the ways that leaders can start to incorporate the practices of IDEA and well-being into their communication, team dynamics and ways of working to drive inclusive behaviors in the workplace.


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Victoria Rodgers

IDEA Strategy Consultant and Facilitator | CenteredSoul Consulting

Victoria focuses on integrating IDEA (inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility) across the employee experience and ways of working – communication, team dynamics, leadership development, and problem-solving – to improve decision-making and activate strategic priorities. She believes in holistic approaches to development, including coaching, spaces for curiously inclusive conversations, and tactical mindfulness practices that can create more conscious leaders that will change the world.

Previously Victoria served as IDEA Strategy Director for TiER1 Performance to stand up their internal IDEA function and external offerings for their clients. In that role, she identified systemic changes and established cultural and strategic practices to drive inclusive behaviors to influence TiER1’s journey to conscious allyship of its people. Subsequently did the same for their clients.

She serves as Strategy Consultant for Fortune 500 & 1000 companies to support their activation on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Performance Coaching, and Facilitation. One of her passions is the interweaving of mindfulness within the ways of working, which leverages her Meditation Teacher Training and Energy Leadership Coaching studies.

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