Should Corporate Policies Be Heart-Centered? | Adriana Leigh

Often, corporate policies are built with a lens of compliance and ticking boxes, but is there value in a more empathetic approach?

Adriana Leigh says yes! On this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne and global gender consultant and founder of ALG Consulting, Adriana Leigh discuss the importance of approaching training around workplace violence, sexual harassment and discrimination as a heart-centered issue to transform attitudes and behaviours.


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Adriana Leigh

ALG Consulting

Adriana founded ALG Consulting and is now a global gender consultant, facilitator and trainer, writer and speaker committed to building safer, gender equitable, caring, and inclusive workplaces and organizations free of sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

Adriana delivers global workshops, sexual harassment and violence policy and reporting processes development, implementation coaching to managers and HR and thought leadership. Her work has been showcased by Charity Village, Medium, UN Women, Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Brainz Magazine and World Pulse, among others.

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