Generational Intelligence in the Workplace | Rachel Munyaradzi

What does generational intelligence look like and how can leaders ensure that their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices are inclusive of the current multi-generational workforce?

In this episode, Rachael Rudo Munyaradzi dissects the concepts of generational intelligence, reciprocal mentoring and knowledge transfer. She emphasizes the importance of meeting your employees where they are, regardless of their life stages, in order to be truly inclusive, support them to deliver the best at work, and achieve success for your organization.

From Baby boomers to Gen Zs, organizations are experiencing more generational diversity in their workforces. More than ever, there is a growing need to embrace change, and create more inclusive policies and structures, in order to harness the uniqueness that each generation brings to the workplace.


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Rachael Rudo Munyaradzi

Inclusion thought leader and Executive Coach at Rachel Rudo Consulting

Rachel is a Diversity and Inclusion thought leader and Executive Coach at Rachel Rudo Consulting. As a black woman originally from Zimbabwe, Rachel refused to let her gender, race, or place of birth determine her career path. She advocates for diversity and inclusion within an organization’s culture, to allow employees feel like they belong, and bring their best selves to work. Having always been a minority throughout her career in Corporate America,she founded Rachel Rudo Consulting, a minority-owned, woman-owned full-service diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Rachel helps clients achieve lasting change through facilitation, education, consultation, and coaching.

She has dedicated more than two decades to helping executives and teams transform their challenges into opportunities for extraordinary growth and performance. Primarily focused on bringing companies from chaos to clarity, Rachel believes that change is inevitable, and thriving is a choice. She believes that change comes by utilizing the 4 E’s – Empathy, Encouragement, Education leading to Empowerment.

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