What does authentic storytelling look like in journalism? | Lindsay MacKenzie

Is it possible to foster inclusive storytelling in journalism?

Lindsay MacKenzie says yes! 

In this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne sits down with a practiced community connector, who has experience working with the CBC, Lindsay MacKenzie. Melissa and Lindsay discuss the adjustments needed to create and maintain more equitable news media.


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Lindsay MacKenzie


Lindsay MacKenzie is a practiced community connector and builder of meaningful, human experiences. For nearly two decades she’s developed a career that’s built an expertise in leading with empathy and determining unmet needs to develop trustworthy relationships for brands with their most important stakeholders. Although her career covers dynamic industries such as professional sports and performing arts, it’s the 10 years Lindsay spent with Canada’s public broadcaster that shaped her reputation as an innovator. She blazed a trail for community engagement in journalism across the network and championed data-informed decision making. As a strategic advisor, she used audience analytics to help senior editorial leaders make smarter assignment choices and guided the adoption of an EDI initiative to track representation in news coverage. Lindsay is an aspiring thought-leader in the discipline of Experience Management (XM) – measuring and improving customer, employee, product and brand interactions – and completed her master’s thesis exploring the role of communication management in the XM ecosystem as well as making academic contributions to the topics of crisis communications during crime spikes. Currently, Lindsay works for Deloitte as a senior consultant.

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