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Recruitment and Resumes | Jesse Ryan

What can diverse job seekers do to stand out in the corporate recruitment process?

In this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne is joined by Jesse Ryan of High Road Human Capital to discuss best practices for standing out during your job search. After listening, you’ll have the tips and tricks needed to be better prepared for your next job application process.

Looking for a new job opportunity, especially in today’s market, can be overwhelming. Recruitment officials are working hard to find the right candidates for available roles. 

The process can be made easier for everyone involved by recognizing where to start when it comes to crafting a resume and online presence that will get you noticed. 

In addition to being the Founder of High Road Human Capital, Jesse Ryan seeks out organizations that can truly benefit from High Road’s unique approach to solving HR and talent acquisition problems.

Jesse offers 3 key ways prospective employees can stand out during their next job search:

  1. Differentiate your resume from the rest of applicants by focusing on design.
  2. Make information about your experience accessible, specific and easy to find.
  3. Nail your phone interview by bringing your on-paper skills to life.


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Jesse Ryan

High Road Human Capital - A Veteran Owned, Diversity Supplier

With 22 years in the recruitment industry, Jesse is driven to educate, educate, educate on more efficient and cost effective ways to approach hiring.

Jesse has been fortunate enough to have worked in every facet of talent acquisition; staffing, corporate, consulting, and as an independent contractor. Prior to High Road, Jesse co-founded a successful management consulting firm strictly focused on building talent acquisition functions for small and medium enterprises. In addition, Jesse has held senior positions at AugmentHR, Head2Head, Microsoft and Morneau Shepell.

Jesse has a keen interest in helping others and spends much of his time volunteering with non-profit organizations, like CivicAction, 360Kids and Treble Victor Group. Always on the move, Jesse fills the rest of his free time competing in a variety of sports. Jesse is a former 5 time Karate Ontario champion, military biathlon champion, and an Ironman triathlete.


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