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Legal Policies and Practices | Wade Poziomka

In this episode of Just One Q, Dr. Melissa Horne is joined by Wade Poziomka of Ross & McBride LLP to discuss the one thing legal practitioners can do to prioritize DEI in 2021.

The pandemic and working from home is exacerbating workplace conditions. Many organizations do not have existing policies in place to prioritize diversity and inclusion in situations such as this, meaning legal professionals are working hard to uphold workers’ human rights.

As an employer, you may be looking for cost effective, meaningful ways to make your workplace more inclusive. Going above and beyond for your employees by empathizing and understanding their unique needs is a great place to start. 

Wade Poziomka of Ross & McBride LLP regularly represents employees and employers and human rights matters in Ontario and federally. Recently, he has done extensive work with both employees and employers from a human rights perspective in relation to the pandemic.

Wade suggests the key way for legal practitioners to make DEI a priority this year is to be proactive

Are your policies meaningful? Are you acting on them? Are your employees or clients getting training? Do your employees feel included? Is there a diverse workforce? If not, why not? And what can you do to fix that?



Wade Poziomka

Ross & McBride LLP

Wade Poziomka is a partner at Ross & McBride LLP. Wade regularly represents employees and employers in human rights matters in Ontario and federally. He obtained his law degrees from the University of Toronto (JD) and Cornell University (LLM). Wade is currently the 1st Vice-President of the ARCH Disability Law Centre’s Board of Directors, was the former Chair of the Ontario Bar Association’s Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Section Executive and served for a number of years as one of three applicant-side representatives to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’s Practice Advisory Committee.