Women in Leadership During the Pandemic | Diane Crawford

In this episode, Diane Crawford gives insights into the pandemic, crisis management and how women can make a huge difference in leadership at this time.

The pandemic has had huge effects on the world and one group of people who have been greatly affected are women. From managing the home front, to managing their careers and in some cases having to make the difficult decision of choosing one over the other, women have continued to show great tenacity in the midst of this global crisis. Through the years, women have shown the ability to shoulder a lot of pressure and sometimes need the confidence to step up to bigger leadership roles.



Diane Crawford

The Voyage

Diane has a real passion for people development, change and innovation and is committed to developing and supporting women. She coaches individual women, develops and delivers Leadership Programs for Women Leaders (including Afrimac, a venture to support African women leaders) and speaks at conferences and women’s groups. She runs The Voyage, a people development firm with her two daughters that has both personal and professional product offerings.

Diane possesses diverse management and operational skill sets. From directing a team of over 400 professional staff to managing her own start-up, she has honed her coaching and people development skills. She offers first-hand strategies to manage the dynamics of personal and professional growth. A captivating storyteller and international speaker, Diane has enlightened audiences from small businesses to large international conferences.