How Do I Retain a DEI Team?

The key is strong leadership and a workplace culture that authentically and actively promotes diversity and inclusion.

Womxn, LGBTQ+ employees and employees of colour are likely to leave their jobs due to unfairness, discrimination and dissatisfaction with the duties of their role. This means if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to consider how you’re supporting your DEI team before you lose them.


Nearly two-thirds of the above-mentioned employees indicate they would have stayed if their employer fixed its culture. 

To better retain members of your DEI team, you need to understand the factors that may lead to their departure. 

The following is a starting point to help build your understanding, but it’s important to note that not all similarly-identifying employees share the same experiences:

  1. Womxn leave their positions at far higher rates than their male colleagues as a result of being overwhelmed and overworked. Mothers especially are held to different expectations when it comes to balancing their professional and personal lives.
  2. Fear often prevents LGBTQ+ employees from bringing their full selves to work. Nearly half of all LGBTQ+ employees in the US report that they are not out in their workplace.
  3. Discrimination in the workplace continues to plague employees of colour, most specifically in the case of Black professionals. One in five Black professionals feel someone of their race/ethnicity would never achieve a top job at their companies.

Effective retention of your DEI team starts with your organization’s existing inclusion policies.

To avoid creating “a revolving door” for diverse employees and teams, take steps toward making diversity and inclusion integral to your business values and practices today.


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