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Does your team struggle with soft skills?

Use our app or upload Snippets to your LMS to build better habits in minutes with scenario-based microlearning.

Group dynamics are complex. When issues arise, it can be hard to tell what’s at the root – but it’s impossible to ignore the impacts.

That’s where we come in. We are a team of relational skills specialists, learning experts, designers, and DEI champions driven to make workplaces work better – for people, teams and organizations.

Using social science methods including hypothesis testing, literature reviews and quantitative and qualitative analyses, we work to understand your culture and uncover what’s behind your organization’s complex people problems.

The solution often includes training that touches on: soft skills (also called relational skills); Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Leadership; or some combination.

Applying person-centred design strategies, we build, test and refine learning experiences in collaboration with you and representatives from your staff. Or, we may recommend our off-the-shelf Core Products.

Our team specializes in designing a seamless experience for all our clients, making the hardest transformational projects as simple as possible.

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Organizations ready to improve how people work, learn and collaborate using scientific research and person-centered design.


Products and services that meet your business where you are.

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Start creating change fast with ready-to-go E-learning and training focused on in-demand relational skills.

Topics include:
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Root out workplace culture problems with experts who will work with you from ideation to implementation.

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Together, we can:

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Discover the wisdom of your organization

Every group is unique. Work with us to uncover the strategies that work best for your target learners.

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Think about people problems scientifically​

Our unique methodology uncovers the hidden causes of people problems. Applying scientific thinking is the next step for HR and executive decision-makers who want to create stronger, more resilient workplaces.

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Invest in change with confidence

Change doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Our transparent, iterative, and collaborative process provides the insight you need as a decision-maker. Transparency doesn’t stop at implementation – we demonstrate the impact of our solutions with data you can use. Invest with confidence.

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Leaders in Learning

Aaron Barth, Ph.D. - Founder and President

Aaron Barth, Ph.D.


Aaron Barth is an innovator working at the convergence of science, smart design and technology to change behaviour and transform organizations.

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Aaron Barth speaking about Why E-learning is Killing Education at TEDxKitchenerED, February 22, 2020.

Dominique Attrell - Host of the Just One Q Podcast

Dominique Attrell

Podcast Host / DEI Advocate

Dominique is a DEI advocate and training professional with a passion for crafting transformative learning experiences. She designs impactful L&D solutions that help big and small organizations meet DEI goals through policy, practice, and culture. A critical geographer by training, she’s forever curious about the structural causes of workplace inequalities and about evaluating theories of change. Through skillful interviewing, Dominique draws practical solutions from “big picture” discussions, equipping DEI practitioners with valuable insights.

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