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Where DEI Should Sit in an Organization

A recent and heartening trend in the field of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging has been the increase in job postings for Chief Diversity Officers and other internal DEI roles.


According to Indeed, diversity, inclusion and belonging had job postings increase by 123% in the US from May to September of 2020. These positions include chief diversity officer, diversity officer and diversity recruiter.  Many of these new positions are ending up in human resources departments. But is this the best home for DEI? Is DEI an HR function, or does it belong as a stand-alone department?


Diversity, equity and inclusion are critical elements to a successful business and workplace culture. For this reason, some argue that DEI warrants its own place alongside, rather than under, HR. And the fact that jobs within DEI have high turnover rates may bolster the argument. There may be other reasons for this high rate of turnover, but it’s clear that insufficient support is a key factor. 


So, does DEI belong in HR? 



Listen to the newest episode of Just One Q, where Melissa is joined by Garima Gupta, to find out.

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