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When Sports Stop: Standing in Solidarity with Your Team

At times like these, businesses need to stand in solidarity with their employees.

As allies, we need to take a firm stance on our commitment to uphold human rights and join the fight against anti-Black racism.


As a company that cares about diversity and inclusion, it’s important to discuss current events impacting your employees and take a stance. Currently, global protests are occurring in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha police. Topics like these need visibility so perpetrators and institutions are held accountable.

To support your Black staff during this time, devise an action plan and join the fight to demand better. The unification of all institutions is essential to make real, sustainable change.

One example of the many meaningful displays of solidarity for Jacob Blake and his family is the movement by athletes and coaches to strike during their already-shortened sports seasons. It is important to recognize, however, it’s about more than sports.

Athletes have been using their platforms to draw more attention to incidents of racial injustice. Many league coaches, including those in the WNBA, MLB and NBA have been proactive and vocal in their commitment to stand in solidarity with their employees and strike. Those that didn’t follow suit have been criticized both internally and externally for their lack of acknowledgment of the issue.

Don’t be hesitant in your response to address the issues as they unfold.


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