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It’s Time to Stop Underfunding Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training should be factored into your company’s Learning Development budget.

To make diversity and inclusion an ongoing part of your workplace culture, you’ll need the funds to support your efforts.


Globally, about 57% of L&D teams expect to spend more on online learning. However, only one-third of companies have a designated diversity and inclusion training program.

Diversity and inclusion training programs are still typically left in the hands of Human Resources departments rather than embedded into executive-level leadership plans. Because of this, the training continues to be under-prioritized and underfunded. This is not to say companies need more funding, but instead that they need to reevaluate their allocation of resources and invest in their diversity and inclusion training.

49% of talent developers cite getting managers to prioritize learning resources for their teams as their biggest challenge when trying to create a culture of learning in the workplace. Hiring big-budget keynote speakers won’t solve all your workplace problems. They may be motivational, but will not create lasting change. Biases are developed over the course of a lifetime, meaning training without consistent engagement won’t work to erase them. 

Diversity and inclusion training must be an integral part of all leadership and development initiatives. This starts with the reallocation of funds to make that happen. Employees will learn new skills on the job, while at the same time, take part in creating a sustainably inclusive workplace culture.

The money to fund D&I training already exists—the next step is to ensure it goes towards committing to a learning practice.


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