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Can you build a business under the context of freedom?


For those of you who have been following Just One Q for a while, you know that many of Melissa’s guests are working to disrupt and dismantle the historical systems of oppression and inequity that have long existed within organizations. If you are a leader within these organizations or are working within these organizations, you know that bringing about this type of change is hard work – it requires courageous leaders willing to do the work to create organizations that are just, equitable, and foster a sense of belonging among their employees.

But what if businesses were actually founded upon these principles? What if inclusion, belonging, equity, justice and ultimately freedom was the founding principle of a company? What would that workplace look like for employees and for the clients they serve? Is this an attainable and sustainable business model? 

Finally, how do you build a business under the context of freedom? 


Listen to the newest episode of Just One Q, featuring founding partners at Within People, Jeff Melnyk and Laurie Bennett, to find out.