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3 Concepts to Create Brand Champions

It’s harder than ever for marketers to find creative ways to cut through all the noise out there to reach potential customers for a product or service.

The attention economy – online and elsewhere – is fierce and only getting fiercer. Your ideal customers are bombarded on a daily basis with more information than they can possibly process, and it’s no longer enough to pump out content packed with keywords to make conversion rates tick up and profits roll in.

The problem is that your customers can smell a sales pitch a mile away. They’re clever. And they’re fickle. It’s truly difficult to gain their trust and their loyalty.

So what’s a marketing pro to do?

It’s time to go beyond content marketing and think ‘edumarketing’

Edumarketing teaches potential customers how to solve a real problem themselves — without a sales pitch. It’s an integrated education-marketing strategy that combines learning goals and marketing goals to drive sales and trust.

In the best case scenario, the audience is able to solve their problem immediately after engaging with the content. They don’t need to buy anything, and they don’t need to talk to a salesperson. They walk away with the solution they need.

In edumarketing, the content is the product. It’s about providing experiences that generate insight. That, in turn, drives behaviour change and powerful brand loyalty.

Think like a learning designer, not a marketer

So how does it work? You need to start thinking like a learning designer. There are three key concepts you need to master:

    Similar to the traditional sales funnel concept, the Learning Funnel is a new content deployment method that focuses on delivering quality learning experiences – the right content at the right time – to build mindshare.
    Deepen customer engagement with meaningful, mobile-friendly content in a variety of formats
    Provide memorable, practical and share-worthy information that pulls your learner deeper and deeper into the content.

Using these three concepts, companies like Royal Canin have seen an incredible improvement in engagement with their content. 

Edumarketing ebook: How to Create Marketing Content That Changes Behaviour

All three concepts are explained in Dialectic’s ebook, Edumarketing: How to Create Marketing Content That Changes Behaviour. You’ll also learn how social psychology – specifically the reciprocity principle, the concept of rosy retrospection and the IKEA effect – contribute to edumarketing success.

Start building brand equity by creating meaningful learning experiences that solve real problems. Get the ebook:

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