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Enhance computer user experience and reduce strain on IT helpdesk during new system rollout.

IT Weapons, a Konica Minolta company, provides a range of managed IT services and cloud solutions for Canadian businesses, including end user helpdesk support.

When rolling out new technology, a number of challenges arise – both for the IT solution provider, and for client users themselves. From the client’s perspective, deploying new work computers and a new set of apps can be daunting; the process can slow productivity and can cause their own customer service to suffer. For IT Weapons, computer workstation rollouts often cause a spike in user helpdesk calls, which exhausts support resources for the other 70+ organizations under their care.

To optimize the client user experience and ensure compliance with the strict SLAs that IT Weapons maintains with its clients, they engaged Dialectic to develop a thinking skills-based solution that would accomplish three goals:

  1. Help users familiarize themselves with their new workstations
  2. Reduce helpdesk calls
  3. Facilitate a positive reception of a new computer system




A self-paced digital learning app installed on each new computer that takes users on an interactive tour of their new workstation and the available IT support resources.

After a collaborative analysis with the IT Weapons service delivery team, we determined that their end users would benefit from a digital self-learning tool. To ensure convenience and accessibility, the learning module would be packaged as an easy-to-launch app, pre-installed on the user’s Windows desktop. Most importantly, the learning content would be presented in plain language to boost client engagement.

We developed a comprehensive e-learning simulation of each component of a new computer workstation service to help users understand the product from top to bottom. Using a story-driven approach and simple, non-technical language, we created an interactive learning experience that was both accessible and intuitive for users, and easy for IT Weapons to deploy.




The IT Weapons helpdesk reported a significant reduction in helpdesk calls, and the client user satisfaction rating for project rollout was greater than 92%.

The e-learning module developed for IT Weapons helped users of all skill levels to get the most out of their new computer workstations, and it enabled IT Weapons to deliver a positive product launch experience to more than 250 users across Canada. And because helpdesk calls were reduced, IT Weapons was able to focus support resources on high-priority issues coming from the rest of their managed IT services clients across Canada.

“It means everything knowing that Dialectic’s methods are backed by real scientific research and well-established learning principles, not just today’s latest trends and buzzwords.”
Jeremy MacBean - Director of Business Development
Jeremy MacBean
Director of Business Development
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