The Science Behind Snippets

People are interested in fostering inclusive workplaces now more than ever. There are a lot of options suddenly on the market, but not all DEI training is created equal.

Humans forget about half of the information they’re taught within an hour of having learned it. Learning Snippets was created with this forgetting curve in mind so that you can get the most out of your time and resources.


As professionals specializing in social psychology, neuroscience, e-learning and information design, our team is well-equipped to help meet you wherever you are on your DEI journey. 

Developed with evidence-based principles in mind, Snippets are efficient and effective so no matter how you choose to engage with them or for how long, you can be sure you’re getting value from your experience. 

In order to permanently change your employees’ behaviours, your culture and your brand for the better, Learning Snippets was developed under two core principles:

  • Scenario-based learning: Learning by simulating real-world situations is the best way to train complex skills. By modelling real-world situations in which inclusion is important and required, you’re able to learn from personal experience just like you would on the job. 

Scenario-based learning gives you the opportunity to practice your diversity, equity and inclusion skills without fear of reprisal so that when the time comes to deal with these situations, you’re better prepared to handle them. 

The world at large doesn’t show you whether you’ve handled things in the right or wrong way, but people do provide you with feedback to consider moving forward. This is how Snippets function as well.

Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve (below) teaches us that without consistently putting in the work to retain information, your knowledge on a subject begins to decay. After a week, 90 percent of information learned is forgotten.



Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

To challenge the forgetting process, Snippets take one-time experiences and stretch them out over time. The Snippets experience works to reset the curve each time a new Snippet is released to prompt continuous learning. 

The Forgetting Curve - orange line showing drop in information retained over time. Pink line with multiple points over time helping to raise the amount of information retained over time.

With Learning Snippets, you’re given the opportunity to sit and reflect on what you’ve learned about DEI, which is something other training models just won’t be able to achieve. 

By meeting you where you are instead of overloading you with information, Snippets will help you build new skills while also pushing you to keep unlearning discriminatory habits over time.


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