How Do You Measure the Impact of DEI Training?

Most DEI training isn’t measurable, which means although your workplace may be investing in diversity, equity and inclusion, you won’t be able to definitively determine changes in employee behaviour or influence.


Your organization may be looking to make your workplace culture more inclusive, and to do so you’ll need to support claims of improvement with tangible evidence and science. 

Metrics evidencing areas of an organization’s DEI strengths and weaknesses help employers identify and manage their desired learning outcomes. Pre- and post-training measurement helps make collecting this data easy. 

We know that one-off, one-size-fits-all training doesn’t work, so we’ve developed an inclusion trajectory (the ARISE model) which aims to place individual employees into smaller categories to meet them where they are along their DEI journey. 

The stages are:

  • Aware but unengaged
  • Ready and motivated
  • Informing oneself
  • Searching for understanding
  • Engaging as an ally

The stages of the ARISE model are not distinct and an employee’s experience can flow across two or even three stages. The goal is to help push employees further along the inclusion trajectory than where they began. 

Our Snippets were designed with this inclusion trajectory in mind, giving employers a better understanding of the types of behaviours their employees tend towards. Insights about intentions towards behaviours help organizations avoid reverting back to habitual and ingrained thinking and behavioural patterns.

By measuring both the difficulty of each Snippet and an individual’s typical response to each Snippet, we’ve been able to successfully map responses for pre- and post-training measurement so you know you’re improving the transfer of these new skills to your workplace.

While conventional D&I training focuses on raising awareness, Diversity & Inclusion Learning Snippets are designed to change behaviour. Try measuring your own progress by completing 3 Snippets free today! 


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