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Help Us Find Out the Impact of Remote Work on Inclusion

Jostle, Dialectic and Learning Snippets want to understand the impact remote work is having on employee inclusion and the feelings of well-being and belonging.

Let us know your thoughts in this survey!


The pandemic has changed workplaces everywhere and we’ve all had to adapt in some way. A major shift many of us share is the rapid switch to remote work. 

In doing so, new barriers to inclusion at work have arisen, like social isolation, communication obstacles, technological challenges, and work/life balance implications. Some existing barriers remain, such as discrimination, marginalization, and stereotyping.

To understand the impact this is having on individuals at work, we’re inviting you to participate in an anonymous research survey. Jostle is conducting this research in partnership with Dialectic, a learning and development team focused on diversity and inclusion.

In this survey, we’ll explore what’s changed in how employees feel included while working remotely. At an individual level we’ll examine how barriers to inclusion impact our wellbeing, our ability to perform our work, and our feeling of belonging. At the organizational level, we’ll examine the impact on workplace culture, communication, and engagement.

Barriers to inclusion make it difficult for employees to plug in and be part of their organization, potentially even more so with remote work. The results of this research will give us a better understanding of the current state of inclusion at work, and the employee perception of barriers to inclusion at the individual and organizational levels. 

This will equip us with information about where employees are struggling, how leaders and organizations are coping, and how technology might help. The findings of this survey will help leaders implement strategies to address the problems created by exclusion and inform decisions to create more connected employees and supportive workplace cultures. 

Research leaders, Bev Attfield of Jostle and Dr. Aaron Barth of Dialectic and Learning Snippets, chatted recently about key aspects of the research undertaking.

Why do we care about this?

We know from the science of motivation, that inclusion (and by extension, belonging) is a foundational psychological need that all employees require to engage and perform at their job. Jostle and Dialectic are interested in making inclusion a priority for organizations.

At Dialectic, we care about working to improve the lives of people at work, guided by our commitment to using the insights and methods of science, and to honouring the voice and experiences of employees. This research will help Dialectic gain a deeper understanding of the active barriers to inclusion, which will help design better tools and resources. 

Jostle cares about helping leaders connect employees to things that matter to them at work like people, projects, and purpose. Barriers to inclusion interrupt this and have significant mental and physical impacts on employees, not to mention the negative impact on organizations. The insights from this research will help Jostle better understand what employees need to feel included and connected at work.

Help us create more inclusion at work

We’re seeking input from individuals who’ve transitioned to remote work while working for the same company. 

Your feedback will help us understand what’s changed in how included remote workers feel, and inform recommendations for improvement. We know there’s work to be done, and we want to help. Thank you for being part of our effort!

All responses to this 15-minute survey are anonymous. You’re invited to enter our lucky draw for an online gift card of your choice (value CAD$200) upon survey completion. You may also opt in to receive the findings of the survey. We respect your privacy and guarantee that contact information will be gathered with no connection to your survey response and used only per your stated preferences.

It’d mean so much to represent your voice and we thank you for participating in this survey. Please share with anyone who qualifies, so we can collect as many responses as possible. This will deepen our analysis and help us produce stronger tools and information for change. Thank you!



Help us learn about the impact of remote work on inclusion by taking this survey

Research leaders

Bev Attfield, Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle

Bev ensures that Jostle is a workplace where everyone feels included, supported, and engaged. Beyond Jostle, Bev pays close attention to the way people connect at work, and is curious about what creates the optimal conditions for individual fulfilment and unique workplace cultures. She’s a regular contributor to the Jostle blog and host of the People at Work podcast.


Dr. Aaron Barth, Founder and President at Dialectic 

Aaron has led comprehensive research on unconscious bias and inclusion training. His recent TEDx talk outlines the importance of science and storytelling in its execution. He has a moral interest in making people’s day-to-day lives better through critical thinking and supporting companies with their D&I strategy. He’s also the founder of Dialectic’s Diversity and Inclusion Learning Snippets.


About Jostle

Jostle cares about people at work. We do what we can to help leaders achieve aligned organizations. Our software is a different kind of employee intranet that makes it easy for leaders to help every employee feel part of a connected culture, understand what’s going on, and know their contributions matter. Measured across all of our customers, we achieve employee participation rates over 85%—that’s 5X industry norms. 

About Dialectic

Our work to improve the lives of people at work is guided by our commitment to using the insights and methods of science, and to honouring the voice and experiences of employees. 

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Aaron Barth PhD, Dialectic creates profound impact for clients large and small—Global 500 companies, small to medium-sized enterprises, public-sector organizations, and non-profits. With a diverse team of researchers, strategists, designers, and thought leaders, Dialectic brings an unstoppable eye for detail and a commitment to delivering work that gets practical results to every client project.

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