Whiteboard for What's in Your Recipe for an Amazing Guelph

The Power of a Whiteboard

It takes a village to build a future and Dialectic is proud to play a role in the evolution of the Guelph Community Plan

Dialectic and the City of Guelph are collaborating on a “travelling whiteboard” project to crowd-source community input that will help shape a collective vision for the city’s future.

What’s in your recipe for an amazing Guelph?

Guelph is poised to grow from around 130,000 today to 170,000 by 2030. In anticipation of this, the city is gathering input to develop Guelph’s Community Plan.

Dialectic is sponsoring the whiteboard project as an interactive way to source ideas at community events, starting with the Taste Real Local Food Fest June 24, with the question: “What’s in your recipe for an amazing Guelph?”

Information collected on the whiteboard is shared with city staff and stakeholders and will be analyzed to determine the follow-up questions. Input to the first question included:

  • “Keep downtown vibrant and ‘local’”
  • “Friendly neighbours”
  • “Less cars *more public transit*”
  • “More bike lanes to connect suburbs to downtown”
  • “Expand the green belt and blue belt”
  • “Vibrant creative events”

The whiteboard also appeared at the West Willow Village Fall Fair Sept. 22 at Margaret Greene Park – an opportunity to cast a ‘dotmocracy’ vote about what’s most important to inform Guelph’s Community Plan.

In October, the whiteboard travelled to the University of Guelph, where students, faculty and staff provided “deep dive” insights about the four key themes that had emerged throughout the previous two events. See the U of G event in action (video).

Whiteboard word cloud

The whiteboard project also involves the storytelling prowess of local video production company Ward 1 Studios (check out their video on the Guelph Community Plan) and non-profit group Diyode Community Workshop, which made the travelling stand for the whiteboard.