Aaron Barth Ph.D. from Dialectic working the room at a speaking engagement.

One-day Workshop: Beat Your Bias and Build a Better Team

Aaron Barth, Dialectic’s founder and president, is speaking at a one-day interactive training workshop, Beat Your Bias and Build a Better Team, presented by The Accelerator Centre and PwC Sept. 20 in Kitchener, Ontario. Barth will present alongside Michelle Rhodes, Director, Change Management and Business Transformation Consulting at PwC, and Jackie Lauer, Mentor, Leadership/Culture & HR at The Accelerator Centre. Designed for entrepreneurs, educators, and industry professionals, this workshop will demonstrate the value of combating unconscious bias in the workplace and provide practical advice on implementing best practices that are key to fostering diversity in a sustainable and meaningful way. Participants will gain the opportunity to:
  • explore their own biases
  • learn how those biases impact decision making
  • identify strategies to combat those challenges
  • implement change within their own organizations
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