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Core Solutions

Transform your organization with training that’s ready when you are.

For Teams

Does your team struggle with relational skills?
Build better habits in minutes with scenario-based microlearning available on any device, any time.

Key Benefits

Lessons take 2 minutes to complete and can be completed at any time

No installs or special software required – people receive lesson emails and complete lessons online​

Learning can be done on any device, anywhere employees can get online​

Scenario-based lessons require reasoning and critical thinking, not just clicking and guesswork​

Spaced learning inserts pauses between scenarios, preventing people from rushing through the content, and providing time for them to reflect on and apply what they’ve learned​

Behavourial nudges provide quick reminders that can be easily integrated into employees’ work​

Relevant, meaningful reports that help people see their progress, and help administrators identify areas for further improvement​

Available Programs

Inclusivity 101 icon - equal sign

Inclusivity 101

Inclusivity 101

Lessons on diversity, equity & inclusion topics that relate to day-to-day work experiences for everyone.
Anti-Black Racism program icon - raised fist

Anti-Black Racism

Anti-Black Racism

Behaviours, actions and system-level changes that help you and your organization combat Anti-Black Racism.
Mental Wellness at Work icon - brain with positive symbol

Mental Wellness at Work

Mental Wellness at Work

Mental wellness isn’t a checkbox, it’s a culture. Colleagues and leaders can promote wellness by focusing on recognition, influence, involvement, work-life balance, and other key factors.
Inclusive Leadership​ icon - flag

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Designed for leaders at all levels, this program covers the best practices for developing great teams, managing conflict, and actively promoting equity and inclusion at all levels of your organization.
Offsetting Racial Bias​ icon - scale

Offsetting Racial Bias

Offsetting Racial Bias

Identify and confront the ways that racial bias and discrimination occur in our workplaces, the acute and compounding effects of this discrimination, and how to be an authentic ally.
Sexual Expression & Gender Identity​ icon - multiple gender symbol

Gender Identity

Gender Identity

Go beyond the labels and acronyms. Learn the behaviors, skills, and communication techniques that build an environment in which all staff can feel confident being their true selves.
Religious Inclusion Icon

Religious Inclusion

Religious Inclusion

Behaviours and practices to support the belonging of religious colleagues in the workplace.
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Snippet Sessions

Practice makes progress. Leading your team through a DEI scenario, we facilitate a productive conversation about the relational skills that help grow and thrive inclusive culture.

Available Sessions:

Build empathy to notice and address subtle forms of discrimination.

Build psychological safety at work so team members feel safe to speak up without fear.

Practice strategies and techniques to keep the conversation going.

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Unconscious Bias Workshops

Make sure everyone is starting from the same page. Introduce people to unconscious bias and its importance to diversity and inclusion, and learn foundational strategies and tools for mitigating the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace.

For Leaders

Lenses on a screen - Leading for Equity VILT icon

Leading for Equity Series Program

It’s imperative that leaders embody the core principles of equity in the workplace. Each 90-minute interactive workshop in this 4-session course focuses on how to lead using an equity lens to ensure that all employees enjoy a sense of belonging.

Workshop Topics
  • Understand the key concepts of equity, systemic racism and oppression
  • Explore how employee identities affect workplace experiences
  • Practice recognizing the effects of intersecting identities through a case study
  • Understand the “relating’” role of equitable leaders
  • Build relational and conversational skills that position you as a leader
  • Practice responding to bias and oppression when you recognize it through scenario-based learning
  • Understand the pitfalls of performative or “band-aid” initiatives
  • Practice identifying structural barriers to equity in the workplace
  • Learn how to critically evaluate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives
  • Identify essential structures and practices that support Equity in the workplace
  • Practice designing an Equity initiative in response to a case study
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Accelerating Purposeful Leadership E-Learning

The Accelerating Purposeful Leadership program reveals the core habits and practices that help leaders at all levels develop and strengthen their teams. It also covers what not to do, and how to avoid the bad habits that can arise despite – and occasionally because of – a leader’s best intentions.

Designed for leaders of people, this program will offer value both to seasoned veterans and those new to a leadership role. If you are looking to get the most out of your team, this program will help chart the path.

Course Topics

No one likes having tough conversations. Use these essential steps to keep Difficult Conversations on track while ensuring you get the behaviour change required.

Practice core active listening skills, and learn the model that everyone from frontline employees to the C-suite can use.

Leaders have a huge impact on their team’s performance. Despite our best intentions, sometimes our leadership efforts can unintentionally be working against us. Learn how to recognize and offset the behaviours that could be weighing your team down.

Learn the secrets of motivation, and see the three things that any employee needs to perform at their best.

Effective coaching moments start with asking the right questions. This module frames questions as problem-solving tools, and provides simple coaching tactics to make your conversations more productive.

Successful leaders have one skill in common: they are constantly adapting. Learn how to start building real habits to ramp up your leadership game.

We all use incentives to motivate our employees. But how do we know if they’re working? Explore the features of an effective recognition program, and the pitfalls that could cause your incentives to backfire.

Leadership Package

This workshop series introduces leaders to the core principles of equity in the workplace. Each 90-minute interactive workshop focuses on how to lead through an equity lens to ensure that all employees enjoy a sense of belonging in their workplace.

Maximum number of participants for each session: 50

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Inclusive Leadership
Lenses on a screen - Leading for Equity VILT icon
Leading for Equity VILT
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Accelerating Purposeful Leadership E-Learning​
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Custom Solutions

Unique situations deserve and require unique solutions.
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Using a tailored approach to workplace consulting and a wealth of experience, we can diagnose your workplace problems, implement training solutions, and produce results.

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Based on scientific evidence, Dialectic has designed a new process to understand organizational needs and implement actionable measures that lead to success.

Dialectic founder and president, Aaron Barth, PhD, talks about our workplace consulting work and moving beyond employee surveys at DisruptHR Calgary, November 2019.

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