Our Approach

I2E® (Illuminate to Elevate) is our unique scientific and person-centred design process


Your workplace holds understanding and insight.

Your people have valuable experiences that should be listened to. By collecting data and analyzing it using methods grounded in science, you can better know yourself, your business, your challenges, your target audience and your goals to find the solution that fits your situation.


Your custom solution is created with state-of-the-art design skills.

Through creative collaboration between your team and ours, you can achieve your goals through person-centred design principles.


You share feedback to test, refine and perfect.

With your feedback and audience-testing throughout the development cycle, our team refines and perfects your plan.


Each solution meets your people where they are to deliver measurable results.

The science-based process produces deeper understanding and delivers testable interventions that can be measured in your workplace and improved for continued performance elevation.


When you’re happy, we’re happy and our work is done.

It’s just that simple.