Root out workplace culture problems with experts, who will work with you from consultation to implementation.

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Take the guesswork out of developing your ideal organizational culture with our effective workplace consulting services.

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Using a tailored approach to workplace consulting and a wealth of experience, we can diagnose your workplace problems, implement changes and produce results.

Work with us to help align your leadership team with staff to build a cohesive organizational culture through employee journey mapping, engagement assessment and more. We utilize personalized processes to understand your current organizational strengths, weaknesses and systems.

Throughout this collaborative process, Dialectic will align where your organization is today with your future goals through person-centred, easy to follow assessments that go beyond typical, surface-level employee surveys.

Backed on scientific evidence and data, we can help you develop a positive, efficient and more effective workplace. With our unique process, we work with you to create a deeper understanding of your organizational needs to achieve a cohesive workplace. Using innovative processes, we can work together to make innovative improvements.

Interested in learning more related to our workplace consulting work? Check out the video below.

Create a Healthier, Happier and More Engaged Workforce

Old school tactics of measuring workplace issues, effectiveness and employee productivity are not enough to make meaningful change.

Based on scientific evidence, Dialectic has designed a new process to understand organizational needs and implement actionable measures that lead to success.

Watch this video to learn more about how Scientific HR works to close the empathy gap by honouring each individual’s lived experience using the methods and evidence of behavioural science.

Dialectic founder and president, Aaron Barth, PhD, talks about our workplace consulting work and moving beyond employee surveys at DisruptHR Calgary, November 2019.

Let’s discuss the nature of your workplace and move forward together with the appropriate course of action.

Unlock your organization’s potential by talking to us about your daily challenges.