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Royal Canin


Transform sales materials to focus messaging and strengthen market leadership.

Royal Canin, a leader in pet nutrition, offers a range of veterinary-exclusive diets for cats and dogs with food allergies. As the company expanded its dermatology product line, managers noted that sales staff struggled with existing sales assets, frequently complaining about available technology and straying from the company’s brand and key messaging.

Dialectic was tasked with reviewing and revamping sales tools to enable more valuable discussions between Royal Canin and veterinary professionals and to reinforce market leadership in the field of dermatological pet nutrition.

During our investigative research, we discovered that the barrier to Royal Canin’s sales asset usage was not, in fact, a technological problem. Instead, it was a content problem.

Interviews with sales staff and field observations during sales-call shadowing revealed that, although sales assets were content-rich and scientifically accurate, they simply did not fit the context of the average sales call. Dense PDFs and slides were difficult to navigate on tablets used by sales staff in the field. Sales materials became a distraction as reps struggled to zoom in and out to locate key messages. And while sales messaging promoted the benefits of Royal Canin’s dermatology products effectively, it failed to close the loop in helping veterinary professionals perceive Royal Canin products as the solution to their pet dermatology problems.




Asset Tiles: a full-scale re-imagination of sales materials to promote consistent messaging and help hit sales targets.

We worked with sales staff and leaders to extract the high-value content and critical brand messaging from existing materials. We identified the content of greatest value to veterinarians during conversations with pet owners about dermatology. And we noted a distinct need for flexible assets, where key messages could be tailored to align with the unique nature of each sales call.

With all of this in mind, we created Asset Tiles. Inspired by the concept of Scrabble tiles, where each tile holds one simple piece of information, Asset Tiles focus on one simplified key concept per tile. Tiles are optimized for tablet display, with readable font sizes and intuitive interactivity, and tile content ranges from diagnosis and awareness of dermatological conditions to soft skills for navigating difficult conversations with pet owners.

Using our custom-built faceted search platform, sales staff are able to navigate the Sales Asset Library and combine individual tiles, building customized presentations for each client, while maintaining core messaging about Royal Canin’s commitment to pet health and veterinary partnerships.




On-target brand messaging, high-quality client interactions, and improved sales efficiency.

Asset Tiles facilitate and frame successful sales conversations. They enable creativity and flexibility to support the unique style of each sales representative, while ensuring that Royal Canin’s key marketing messages are conveyed accurately and consistently.

User feedback is overwhelmingly positive. An intuitive platform design means that employees spend less time navigating complex sales assets and more time creating tailored presentations to re-energize engagement with clients, boost sales and position Royal Canin as the best-in-market provider of pet dermatology solutions.

“Dialectic LIBERATED our product resource library. They transformed our sales materials into a visual symphony of information that work in harmony to create sonatas of unique presentations.”
Leanne Sedgwick
Sales Representative
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