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Build a training program to mobilize the implementation of Ontario Power Generation’s new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

As one of the largest electricity generators of North America, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) employs more than 10,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, professions and trades. The company promotes a culture of respect as an essential factor for organizational success. To further its commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, OPG developed a new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to be rolled out organization-wide.

OPG wanted to explore methods by which they could implement such a strategy reliably and effectively. Our team was engaged to help execute a key component of the new strategy: a training program to help employees understand the concept of implicit bias and its effects on organizational health.

“I got the impression from an early stage that the Dialectic team truly cared about OPG’s success and the success of our employees rather than remuneration.”


A dual-purpose training program to reduce implicit bias in the workplace and empower leaders to operationalize all aspects of the new strategy successfully.

Our design team imagined an evidence-based training program that would not only reduce implicit bias at OPG but also inform strategic implementation going forward. We began by researching the nature of implicit bias and its effects on diversity and inclusion in a large organization like OPG. We then researched empirically supported tactics that would be effective in further developing diversity programming at OPG.

We created an innovative in-person learning experience that leveraged tools from Harvard University’s “Project Implicit” program, challenging participants to explore their own unconscious biases. Through an interactive and self-reflective process, employees were exposed to the systemic and invisible nature of implicit bias in the workplace. Participants then worked collaboratively to develop techniques and skills for overcoming implicit bias through diversity programming.



OPG successfully engaged all staff in the implementation of the new diversity strategy and identified best practices for the continued development of diversity programming.

Through the interactive learning experience, OPG staff gained a new understanding of the otherwise invisible force of implicit bias. Employees reported high engagement in the process and a deeper appreciation for barriers to inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Following the training session, we analyzed data collected from participants and generated a report identifying the top five evidence-based techniques that would be most effective in implementing the remaining components of OPG’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. We also provided a detailed summary of best practices for increasing diversity in the workplace.

Armed with a highly engaged workforce and concrete recommendations for continued strategic implementation, OPG now had the tools and momentum to move their diversity programming forward successfully.

Ralph Chatoor, Manager Regulatory Affairs (Acting) and Co-Chair of the Pickering Nuclear Diversity Committee

“Dialectic truly goes deep to understand the issues and understand your problem with a view to designing the right solution without disrupting the existing workplace dynamic. I got the impression from an early stage that the company principals truly cared about OPG’s success and the success of our employees rather than remuneration. Dialectic was able to design a solution that fit our budget and our schedule.”

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