Soaring Sales

Investors Group

Soaring Sales

Investors Group


Increase the sales team’s prospect conversions and referral rates.

Like many financial services organizations, Investors Group faces a range of sales challenges. In a crowded market, customers are tired of sales pitches before they begin. Many Generation-Y buyers are already weary of large financial entities or aggressive sales pitches. Add to this the fact that prospective customers may view investment and insurance products as “non-essential” purchases, and you’ve got a tough market to break.

“Dialectic gave us a host of new tools that we use everyday.”


Empower the sales team with cognitive sales strategies to improve performance.

We met with sales staff to better understand the specific roadblocks they were facing, and to identify the solution that would be most impactful for their team.

Informed by the most current research in sales psychology and behavioural science, we developed a learning program to target key sales challenges. Delivered in two half-day sessions, training focused on agile thinking and enabling staff to quickly navigate a range of cognitive biases they may encounter with prospects and clients. We created simulated sales situations, replete with objections, psychological roadblocks, and opportunities for staff to apply their new cognitive skills successfully.


Sales performance was impacted positively, and conversion rates improved among staff who completed the training program.

Our workshops were incredibly well-received, and the sales team reported that the activity-based approach boosted engagement and enabled them to better apply cognitive sales tactics – and sometimes use cognitive biases to their advantage – in the field.

Susanne Wiles, Sales Consultant

“Dialectic brought a fresh and engaging approach to our sales process. Using some very simple examples, they were able to unlock our minds and help us to realize that what we think, see, and hear is not always what is there. By focusing on how our clients think and make decisions, Dialectic showed us that by using our intuitive thinking abilities we can not only help them reach their goals, but improve our sales techniques. By drawing attention to our own expertise in financial and investment services, and making us reflect on the thinking behind our tactics, Dialectic gave us a host of new tools that we have all since been using in our practice.”

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